Nuptial Agreements

Planning for your marriage should be a joyous time in your life, but it is also stressful.  Coupling the marriage planning with negotiating a Prenuptial Agreement can test the strength of your marriage before you even say I do.  Prenuptial Agreements can be requested for many reasons such as to protect children of a first marriage, to protect family businesses and wealth or for estate planning purposes.  The simple step of contacting an attorney as soon as you are aware that a Prenuptial Agreement is needed is the best action you can take.  This will allow you and your fiancée the time needed to truly consider all aspects of the Agreement without feeling rushed or pressured. 

If a Prenuptial Agreement was not signed, parties can still contract to divide their estate and provide for support after the marriage by entering into a Postnuptial Agreement.  The validity of either Agreement is determined based on the wording of the contract, as well as the circumstances surrounding the negotiation and execution of the contract.  The attorneys at the Carder Law Firm are experienced in drafting and challenging Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements successfully for their clients.