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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior of abuse against one partner in a domestic relationship against the other.  The abuse pattern has no boundaries and can occur in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.  The abuser or victim may be male or female, can be young or old and may be of any socio-economic status.  The abuse can be physical or emotional and many times in the context of a divorce, holds an element of financial control.  The cycle of abuse can occur for months or years before a victim reaches out for help and, even then, the victim will often withdraw and return to the cycle. 

The team at Carder Law firm understands this cycle and we are here to help.  Early in her career, Deborah Carder attended forty hours of training with a local domestic violence shelter to ensure that she understood the complexities of the abusive relationship in order to best serve her clients.  She has trained her team to work with victims and provide them with the protection they need.  The Carder Law Firm can seek Orders of Protections or Retraining Orders for their clients in a civil setting and, if more protection is needed, the firm works with its clients in securing the resources they require.